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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
Other Japanese blog


E-book (Shinku Chitai)

Frame 2 -  "Soyalty" means "Royalty", of course.

It's a bit old story. Now, I've done all the work, till vol. 2, then vol.1 is in production right now, by Digital Manga Guild /Kawaii neko. (We talk about everything, from the translation to the fonts. it's rare, I think...) 
Still there are 10 volumes, though...

The adventure I scanned all the drawings of Shinku-Chitai (more than 1000P) is 
Anyway, I scanned all of them before the last volume(12) for some reason.  It was very long and tough way(Because of my ignorance ><;;), but that helps me now.

From Vol.1


The heat (of Cintiq24HD)

Some people use a thin glove(cut off the fingers) like a driver use. 
I don't like it very much, it's bother...and disturbing. 

My friend tell me about a solution of the problem, Smudge Guard. It would be very nice if 
you try or see the real before buy it...(international shipping for just a glove.^^;;)

Still, I need a cloth for my arm, though!


Beautiful, spooky, erotic...

The art I posted on FB yesterday - I was surprised a bit, the reach & action are more than double of my usual score.(no many likes, though) People love "Ero" and Dark like me, it means? ...or just curious.?
Original size http://sdrv.ms/P2I0Qx

Line art. 
I love her left hand. Shame, it's too dark to see the detail because of the tone. 
That is one of the reason I'm thinking about coloring. 





Slightly modest one *lol*
This one didn't get many reach, unlike "original image". Just because of the timing...?

Cintiq 24HD has come


The box