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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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I’m going to Munich tomorrow

Packing packing, what should I bring?
Especially PC. Bring my note or just iPhone and tablet (with a keyboard. I've not got used to it... ><;; ) The PC is heavy. Maybe, there is no chance that I need PC (I mean, using graphic soft like Manga Studio), so...but my my tablet is Kindle Fire, not iPad...

I'll bring some copies (15 each) Moon and Blood english edition1-4 to Munich, for sale at Animuc,
German edition vol,1 (e-book) should have been released already but not yet...I hope it will be published before Animuc. :(

This one the meds I bought in Toronto when I had a sore throat and cough. The effect was remarkable, but the taste was also superb bad remarkably. >_< I bring this one for just in case, but HOPE I won't need to take it. 


Free manga in kindle

I thought I set Moon and Blood 2 and Shinku Chitai (The Isolated Zone) 3 on Kindle free campaign from today, but Moon and Bood 3 instead of Shinku Chitai 3, by mistake. (All Japanese edition)

So, Moon and Blood 2 and 3 are free at the moment, but Shinku Chitai 3 will be join it from tomorrow. (Friday) It lasts for 5 days.
Shinku Chitai 5 has just been released. The price is 200yen not 100yen, it's because Amazon changed the minimum price of KDP. Manga file is large, so they think 100yen doesn't pay, I supposed.

Shinku Chitai : The Isolated Zone 5 Japanese edition ¥200


At my dad's funeral

My dad (I've posted some 4koma about him here) passed away a while back. It was all of sudden, although he suffered cancers, and he stays a nursing home because of his quadriplegia, but yet, the doctor said he was OK. The cancers were under control. So we were so surprised when we got a call from the nursing home.

The death can come anytime, all you can do is live in a every precious moment, that's all - I felt. 

Then - We had a ritual for him yesterday. (A kind of second funeral, it's supposed to be held the 49th day after the death - on Sunday somewhere about)

It was a small gathering, , only sisters and brothers of my dad and mom. I've not visited my grandparents(they are not anymore) home since I was a kid - around 15, I believe - there was some people I've not seen for long time and I wasn't sure who was who. It was awkward for you to talk uncles and aunts after the such a long blank!

I hate a kind of "social conventions", it make me tired and confused. ><;
That's so bad I can't draw his story anymore. :/ He wasn't a perfect father, made me upset sometimes, but I loved the stupid stubborn old g.....man.. 


A notice of free manga

Another Kindle free manga campaign has started  from today.
Moon and Blood Vol.1 (Japanese edition) 

Because it's the third time, I don't think I can expect many DL, but if you haven't got yet - try it, it's free. :)