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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
Other Japanese blog


The second campaign was over

Thank you all for sharing and RT.  I got many helps this time too, as the result, NOZOMI got 221DL. Moon and Blood was downloaded by 30 people. 

My last book, Go Go Nao-P! got 214DL, so they are almost same - NOZOMI is better a little. What does it mean? Readers prefer graphic novel to 4koma? I don't know - I've got no feedback, except for a review on Amazon.com yet. Hope I get more.

BTW, M&B Japanese edition got a 5 stars review on AmazonUK. It was pleasant surprise, I've not expected at all. :)

My next KDP book will be Moon and Blood3 Japanese edition. When the book is published, I offer MB2Japanese Edition for free.
Vol.3 Japanese Edition cover

The Isolated Zone Japanese Edition will be released by KDP, too. I'm planning to draw a short manga for the Japanese Edition - something can be an introduction of the world of the story - maybe the English version too.

Germany - NOZOMI/15DL, M&B/4DL
Others -one or no ^^;;


For another 36 hours

...till the the end of the free book campaign, NOZOMI (English) and Moon&Blood 1(JP)

NOZOMI has got 165DLs so far. My 4koma book "Go Go Nao-P!" got 214DLs, I wonder if NOZOMI got more DL, in 36 hours. Difficult? Which is popular Shyojyo and 4koma?

Moon and Blood has been downloaded 20 so far, less than I expected. People who payed English Kindle version would DL this one I thought, because of the quality. Some people complained about the poor image quality (Yes, I don't deny it) You don't pay a manga you can't read, but if it was free and you have a translated copy...if it was me, I downloaded. I'm pretty sure.

About other amazon...
I posted on FB, no one in the UK had downloaded JP edition, then answer came. Moon&Blood-4, NOZOMI-16. :)

Germany. It is not English speaking world but German speaking world obviously, still MB-3, NOZOMI-12. It's for a while from Wedding Peach, Shinku Chita, and Nao Yazawa Collection, but it is nice some fans remember me. ^_^

2 NOZOMI on Amazon.it., 1 on Amazon.com.br. You can see how many DLsI got in Germany. XD

One weird thing.
Amazon.ca, I'm totally unpopular in Canada. All my books has hardly moved. Even it was free, only one person downloaded Go Go Nao-p book. Then...someone bought Moon and Blood vol.2(Japanese edition). ??? It's even not been free yet...seems someone did by mistake.

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Free book progress report

Thanks to many RT, the start was nice in this time.

NOZOMI =112DL /Moon & Blood 11DL so far.
(Yes, M&B is Japanese, but I've expected more, because it is free. And you can buy English kindle book if you are interested in the book...)
4th in free manga...

On AmazonJP,  DL of  Moon and Blood is 226 (Nozom'si is 4. only 4 ^^;)
It's almost double, but not bad compared with the last time, Go Go nao-p!

In Japan, the book(Go Go Nao-p!) was much better than Moon and Blood (so far). I thing it makes sense, shows the difference between 4koma and shojyo.

 4koma is for all genders/generations and popular category here, on the other hand syojyo is - even it's read by guys, grown-ups too - the main target is young girls, it's love romance.

I wonder how it goes in US/overseas. My impression says 4koma is not common among overseas fans, unlike in Japan(except for 4koma about a popular manga/anime). Nozomi is a very short one-shot manga,not very unique,  but full color like graphic novel and in western style (left to right, I mean) It might be easy to read.

Which one is better...?


Kindle free campaign, 23-27 May

As I announced before, NOZOMI kindle edition has been released!
Like last time, I offer the book free by using free promotion system.

I hope many people read and enjoy my books in this chance!

*It's available on Kindle, Kindle for iPhone/iPad and Kindle for Android. 
(not cloud reader and Kindle for PC)
When you can't send the book to your device directly, buy the book then DL 
the file from your cloud.

From 23-27 May. There are 2 free e-books in this time.
The link is to Amazon.com, but they are available on all Amazon. 

The file size is 19606 KB(Omake-manga is included), 
means the image quality is high (English edition:5102 KB)
Even if you don't read Japanese, it's still worth a look....I think

My first manga for US readers, in 2003.
This is manga (the frame work style), but read left to right.


Come in from where you went out!

Kindle free campaign will be from 23 to 27. NOZOMI and Moon and Blood Japanese edition.


Drinking water is vital

The vomit Ⅱ

Moon and Blood Japanese edition.

The status of this book is published but not online. It means in the preparation... The title can be seen on Amazon.com, but not available for purchase yet. Nozomi and this title are published at the same time, but the status of NOZOMI has been "review" so far. 

I thought I can write about NOZOMI kindle edition here today, but it'll take for a while before the book is released. 

I got e-mails from Amazon, I had to extra process to prove I have the right of those titles. It's not happened before, when I published my 4koma manga Go Go Nao-p!. (It was published so soon)   I guess it's because those books, Nozomi and Moon and Blood were published already, maybe. Complicated, bother... :/


Activated carbon

This black vomit is a big trouble. Can't be cleaned.

Panel 3 bomit vomit ^^; 


Had a headache

A sequel
Eye-strain + drink = a bad headache.
I learnt a lesson. Don't drink during you use PC heavily.


Had a drink

To be continued...

It was a story of 5th May, the last day Go Go Nao-p!'s free campaign. (Kindle comic book)
I wanted to write something about it before the end. But, when I finished Japanese blog, I went under.... -.-

*I corrected the first panel's sentence.Thank you for the advice, Greg Vercoe! :)


The Challenge to Kindle

This is the 4koma I intended to post yesterday.

After this straggle, I found you couldn't send the book to your devices directly. Available only Kindle series. (One of the main reasons for you chose kindle book is the book can be read on many devices! ) For some reason, Kindle for iPhone/iPad and Kindle for android are available if the book was in Japanese.

The files (Japanese and English) are same technically, so you can read the book on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). If you bought the book and DL it from your cloud. ...???

Confusing, confusing... I hope the problem will be settled soon. I was soooo tired with this struggle.

The next book is NOZOMI.  My friend proofread the files. Yay! Bye bye typo! :D
...and there are many mistakes she corrected. Thanks!! ^^

 The book I made is Go Go Nao-p, of courese. Try the sample and if you like it - it's only 1$ ^_^



It's called 猫の集会 "Neko no syu kai" in Japanese. Cat's Gathering is a sort of literal translation. I wondered if there were any name (phrase) of it, and posted on FB & Twitter. 

There were many suggestions, like gathering, meeting, collctables, assembly...but it seemed there was no specific name people call it.

Someone looked up it on the web (thanks!) and he found Wiki calls it  a "Cat Colony" .

There was another one who answered me, she explained "a group of cats is called a "cllowder", but nobody really uses that word". Seems it's not common subject in West. Why? Cats in west don't have Syukai ??

I got other answer from a Spanish, and she said it was not rare to see cats doing that in Spain. I didn't ask her if there were any name in Spanish. Hmm. :/

It's interesting, some countries (culture) have the name and some don't. Especially it's relevant to cats.

What about モミモミ攻撃? I believe I saw the English phrase somewhere but don't remember the word... the one pushing (kneading?)  something with it's front paw.

It has been a while since the last 4koma. I drew about Kindle 4koma book, and thought it should have been first. But I changed my mind because I talked some about Cat's gathering on the web today. :) (Yesterday, to be precise)


NOZOMI is on the way

So... as I wrote, I'm working on NOZOMI

They allow to use the translation, so I don't need to write English this time.(I can't) 

But I have no data of it,  I letter it myself ... T-I-P-O, thy name is.
(Manga Studio doesn't have a function of  spell check)


It's over, thank you all for sharing, RT, and DL!

, , ,  , ... thank you for tweeting, RT, mentioning. :D

The result,

214 DL amazon.com, 7DL UK, 8DL DE, 5DL IT, 22DL JP, 1DL FR&CA

(Japanese version is 380DL fromJP, 17DL fromUSA)

I found how to set the price 100 yen a couple of days ago, so changed the price. It's about 1 droller now. I think it's reasonable price even this book is not professional work. (I mean there was no editor, no proof reading,...the all processes were skipped, you need your imagination to guess what I mean, sometimes. ^^;)

You missed this chance, please try the sample! Then if you are interested in it - buy it, it's $1.

The book can be read on Kindle, Kindle for iPhone/iPad, Kindle for Android
If you can't send the book to your device directly, buy it anyway, then DL the file from your cloud to your device.

Here is an article about this book, you can see what it's like....

Nao Yazawa’s Slice-of-Life Manga is Free Today, $2.99 Tomorrow

The books I'm planning now (KDP)

English book
(coming soon)

Japanese book
Moon and Blood 
Shinku Chitai (The Isolated Zone)
Itadaki! Panther


48 hours later...

Thanks to Erica Friedman, My 4koma book GO GO NAO-P! got some more DL, and have got 57 DL /6th in Kindle free manga.

Japanese version? 318 DL at the moment, although the rate has been dropping down, still it's been downloaded now and then.  Because of a big manga market in Japan and maybe - maybe because of a small Kindle Direct Publishing market in Japan. It's not so competitive, like US amazon.

BTW, only in Germany (among non-English speaking place) , the rate of the book is almost the same as US, it means German readers have still remembered me. ^^ Thank you!!

The free campaign comes to the end at 5th May, there is still some time. How many DL I can get?

One more information. I've just got an answer from PLEX and an editor of NOZOMI, and they agreed that I publish the manga from KDP. It's coming soon.

A shy young girl whose life changes the day she wishes on a falling star. 
Her wish is unexpectedly granted but not in the way she expected. 
A playful demon comes to Earth to teach her about love… the hard way. 
Full color, 59pages


About 24 hours later...

It's about 24 hours since the free campaign has started. It revealed the difference of Manga Market between Japan and USA. (seems...)

On AmazonJP(Japanese version of course), the book has been sold more than 200, and increasing every time I check it. But on AmazonUS - total 26 copies and stopped so far. What a difference it is!

I posted about this free promotion on my Japanese bloog. I got 1 RT of my tweet about the book. But I got more than 6 RT of my English tweets and the amount of access to my English blog is bigger than Japanese one. What does it mean? Because English manga market is much smaller than  Japanese one? Because readers are not interested in 4koma manga in West?

...or Nao Yazawa is better know and read in Japan than US yet, even I'm working on Moon & Blood...?
That's a problem.... ^^;

Moon and Blood vol.4, my newest kindle book gets around 1st-3rd/New Releases in Manga and 4th / Fantasy manga. But this free book Go Go Nao-p! is 8th /free manga(you are surprised that you got 8th by only 26 copies). Mmm... I hope many readers take my book during this campaign. ^^;;

(In AmazonJP,  Go GO Nao-p! is 18th in Best Sellers in Kindle Store)

BTW, I got information, thanks! ^^ Both the files from US Amazon work on iPhone/iPad.


Go Go Nao-p!(4koma manga) is free now

The free promotion campaign has started.  
check the title Go Go Nao-p! on Amazon :) There are English and Japanese editions.

So, it's free now. I bought both Japanese and English edition and DL to my iPhone.
The result was - it worked. The book is showed correctly, in Japanese manga style. 

At least, on my iPhone(5).
  "Available only on these devices " tab(in US) shows all generation of kindle, cloud reader, but I can't send the file to my Kindle4/cloud reader. If you have old Kindle (and android tablet), try it and let me know the result! 

Anyway, you can enjoy the books with Kindle(fire and paper white), iPhone and iPad(maybe)

Because they are free, I recommend you to buy both editions. Japanese edition is much longer than English one. :) It's all in Japanese of course, but you can enjoy the drawing, I think!


4koma kindle book will be Free from 1st May

The books are now free, both Japanese&English editions during the 5 days free promotion period! Read it ...and post some review if you have time :)
(Correction of the English is also welcome! :D)

And I'd like to ask you something -how the book is shown on your device.

The period is 5/1-5/5(12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time ), Golden Week in Japan. Not intended, just coincident. I wanted to start it from Monday, but I couldn't because of my try and error. I changed the language of the file from English to Japanese, from 2-spread page to single page, and the book's status went to review again and again ...^^;

I can send the free sample to my Kindle fire only, other my devices (iPhone, Kindle, Kindle for PC) are grey. But if it was Japanese version, you can send it to your iPhone. Seems English version can be seen with only Kindle fire series or paper-white. :/

So I'd like to know how it goes when you DL the files. The pages go right to left? Can it be 2-pages-spread? Or simply shows nothing?

Thank you!

English Edition                                                    Japanese Edition

I use KCC (Kindle Comic Creator from Amazon). It's a special app for Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga. It is easy, supposed to easy, just after some clicks, the mobi-file comes (took for a while, though)

Then I faced a problem. The file doesn't work on my iPhone correctly, although they say it works on iPhone/iPad and Android kindle app (I transferred the files from my PC to my iPhone via USB).

Anyway - I uploaded the files and found it was OK on my iPhone when you DL it from Amazon, the one Japanese language's was. But not English version. Why?? I'm confused...!!  >_<;