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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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Scattered plates

He is losing his appetite and it's getting harder to find food he eats...^^;;


Moon and Blood 2 German edition

I received the file of Moon and Blood vol.2 German edition for QT. Because I don't speak German at all, so I can't say anything about the translation (but it would be OK I know the translator and she can compare the original and English translation, or ask me directly if she came across an unsure sentence) . I just ask if they can change a couple of things - the position of  "br" and the font size. The German sensibility should be the first, so it depends on them if they take my suggestion or not.
The file size is 1024 x 1365, if it would be the standard of their e-book, I'm pretty satisfied.(I don't think this one is not for the e-book, because it has moire and the line is not very sharp)  1365 means a high-resolution book, enough quality to be read by -Pad.
It is great that you can use the word "Yuri" without any note in Manga. XD


Mi-ke has another one!

Mi-ke is meowing for food today as usual,  in the cold outside. I wish she come in...


A Christmas Present

I have been thinking about having a new my drawing giveaway, it's been a while since the last time. I thought it could be a Christmas present, but I missed it - on the late side a bit.  It would be a new year gift? But again, I'm not sure I can remember and post it on that day.  

It would be better that I do it right now, before it slips my mind, Christmas day has not been over yet, anyway. 

Here is the drawing in this time, and the link. (My FB page, Nao Yazawa's Manga Bangai-chi)
The application is simple. Give comment to this post. The winner is chosen randomly from the comments.

 It'll be closed at 0:00 Jan 1st.
Thank you!


At a mobile shop

That's not very common in Japan...basically.

The Isolated Zone: Shinku Citai vol.1 (Japanese Edition) 
The free campaign was over. 8 from USA, 1 from France, Thank you! (719DL / Amazon.jp)



Still, Moko keeps well, eats and poos everyday. I wish he could eat more, though...

One of my Senpai (in my high school), she who loved to draw manga would draw her portrait with this phrase 美化(びか)100%...lol It was kinda joke, of course.

It's free, until 21st.  The Isolated Zone: Shinku Citai vol.1 (Japanese Edition) 
5 from USA, 1 from France, that's all. ^^; Someone bought vol.2 on Amazon.com. Wow! ^o^


Holiday card

I have been busy lately because my old cat gets weak, my old parents get weak, I've started to arrange things for my absence (I'll go to Toronto in Feb, for 3 weeks), manga classes at several schools, preparation of data for e-books (DMG, KDP, and others) ... 

I've thought I skipped a holiday card in this year. Maybe post some old image on FB, and I can post(send by mail) a new year cart instead.
But I got an idea so I drew it. It's too late for international mail, though. ^^;;
international mail

The free campaign of The Isolated Zone: Shinku Citai vol.1 has started from today(17th), for 5 days. As I've written many times in this blog, the quality is very good, compare with English version because of the high resolution. I hope you DL the book during this campaign. :)


The Isolated Zone (Shinku Chitai) 2

It's released yesterday on Amazon.

The Isolated Zone :Shinku Chitai 2 (Japanese Edition) I thought it would be after the English edition, but the work has stopped since mid October... -.-;

So,. the free campaign of The Isolated Zone: Shinku Citai vol.1 will start from tomorrow (17th) for 5 days. As I've written many times in this blog,, the quality is very good, compare with English version because of the high resolution. I hope you DL the book during this campaign. :)

Follow-up information of CP project

I was asked a question form one of the participant, about the image's size in Manga Studio. I think it would be nice to share the answer, so post it here. 

When you draw it with Manga Studio...

The drawing size(B4, A4, B5)/dpi (600/1200) is your choice. 
You can adjust the pixel when you export the file, like the following images.

The following images are in Japanese, but the UI is the same (or similar) so you can get the idea. 
Mind 出力範囲(R), chose the bottom one. 


Depends on the original size, the horizontal width could be inexact size 1450 (1452, in this case), it's OK. Keep the vertical width 2050. 


A new student of Manga School

An american girl called Manga School Nakano yesterday. The guy talked with her don't speak English, so he asked her write e-mail so that he could forward her mail to me.

She came to the school for - counseling (?)

She is studying at a Japanese language school right now, with a student visa. Means she has long time for learning manga at Manga School Nakano (MSN is not a qualified school for a student visa)

She decided to challenge Manga Production because she can come to the school long term. She is new, so I don't think she can finish this course within 3 month like the program says. We need some preparation, such as 4 page manga/8page manga before 16 page manga, the course goals.

We are going to have one month class(1/week) then if it goes well, she'll take more.

The program of  Manga School Nakano (Please ignore the schedule. I'll fix it asap! >_<)

It was sunny in Nakano today. :)



Give me food!

He doesn't eat, anyway! :/

His food and water tray is placed in the kitchen, but I feed him everywhere recently. As the result, food bowls are here and there...

Going to Toronto

I'm going to Toronto in mid-February to teaching manga at JFT(Japan Foundation in Toronto).
Japan Foundation has a section of Japanese language education overseas , and they looked for people who can teach something about Japanese manga/anime for their students.

20 days in Toronto, I'm looking forward even it was in Winter. The idea having manga class in abroad is exciting. There is only one trouble -  I'm concerned about Moko, my old cat. He is 17 years old, getting weak recently. I bought some warm goodies, such as electric carpet, blanket - I'll buy some more and have a cat sitter look after him. In the meantime, I feed him as much as I can. He was a big cat, but skinny now...

I have had a specific schedule of the class yet, but I think I work everyday - night in the week, day time in the weekend. There are 10 proposals of the class, and some of them has several sessions. 

I and a person from Japan Foundation had a meeting today. She asked what the contents of the lecture, and if I needed an interpreter. I wasn't sure - I can communicate in English, but can't say my English is fluent (maybe it's "fluent", but very incorrect)

Having an interpreter means the time you have is going to be half, bother sometimes, but it would be not bad if you have someone who correct my English and interrupt me when I speak, right? (actually, whichever is OK, because I'm not the one who pay the interpreter) 


Do you eat it or not?

I wish he eats a lot, but he is getting skinny and bony. :/ (In this pic, he isn't skinny at all, though -.-;) I ordered an electrical carpet for a cat on Amazon today.


Don't come without food

By Manga Studio, pencil tool. It was trouble more than I thought....

A Kindle Free Book Campaign, English manga
NOZOMI,Shojo manga (English). From 29th Nov., for 5 days.Get it on Amazon. :)


The Isolated Zone:Shinku Chitai Vol.4

I was asked the data of Vol.4 (The Isolated Zone) data recently, so have started the work - modification of the scanned data and Japanese lettering.. Vol.2 is not yet, (the translation process has been done by the first 15 pages) and I've sent the data of vol.3 at the end of Oct... I would be busy for the check of the translation if vol.2 it comes out soon...

A Kindle Free Book Campaign, English manga
NOZOMI,Shojo manga (English). From 29th Nov., for 5 days.Get it on Amazon. :)

It's 23DL so far...not many, because this is the second time? 
BTW, I fond a new review of NOZOMI today! :D Moon&Blood 1 and The Isolated Zone (Shinku Chitai) got a new one,  too! ^^


Gureko has come

Gure-ko, he isn't timid like Mi-ke, rather bold, but not friendly.... ^^;;

A Kindle Free Book Campaign, English manga
NOZOMI,Shojo manga (English). From 29th Nov., for 5 days.
Get it on Amazon. :)

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


Free manga -NOZOMI-

The campaign has started!
A Kindle Free Book Campaign, English manga
NOZOMI,Shojo manga (English). From 29th Nov., for 5 days.
Get it on Amazon. :)


A new project of Coffee Party Book 2

Coffee Party is a group by Nao Yazawa and Saeko Doile, and manga-comic In Search of Lost Coffee is our series.

The second book was released on 20th Oct, Kaigai Manga Fest 2013(International comic fest). The project of the e-book version has started, and to make it more "International", I'd like to ask your contribution like the last time, In Search of Lost Coffee vol.1.(We get many illustrations of main characters, on the first volume of this series)

The format of this time is...
4koma/8koma or 1page comic strip(with some panels or no panel, both are OK) using the characters, Croissant, Eclair, and Dango kun. You can use them all, 2 of them, or just only one. It's your choice.

The reading direction is from left to right, in Western style.

2 page each. The first page should have your name on it, and other information which you'd like to add - such as your contact, introduction, comment, for instance.(in English)


The file size = 2050 X 1450 pixel

Color(RGB)/Black and white(grey) Either one will be fine

The deadline will be 15 Jan. 2014 (I'm sorry for the short notice!)
Send the images to yazawanet@yahoo.co.jp the subject should be coffee-party.

Join us, anyone can partake. If you have no idea about Coffee Party, you can read In Search of Lost Coffee 1 on the web, it's free. They are available via eManga(DMP) and Amimaru's FB/iPad app. And check Coffee Party FB page, you can get some images of the characters, especially about Dango, our new hero.

I hope many contributors join our new book! If you have any question, send message or post to Cofee Party FB page. Thank you!


4koma (The reading direction is wrong, because this 4koma wasn't drew for this project) 

1 page (no frame) It's a rough sketch, not finished work,


Nyan-nyan Milk

Moko doesn't like milk, doesn't like butter, so it is predictable, but he like to lick coffee whiteners, so I gave it a try....


Everyday drawing

You can get many ideas but drawing them is a different matter...

A New Kindle Free Book Campaign, an English edition in this time
NOZOMI, English Shojo manga. From 29th Nov., for 5 days.


Became extravagant

Because I posted her photo on FB yesterday, I chose this. :)

And they are free at the moment, Kindle manga books. till 24 Nov, hurry, if you are interesting Japanese manga. 
Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition)


Kindle Free Campaign is still on going

Eventually, it turns out because I made the setting in wrong way - (The limit of the file size is low in default configuration). It was OK after I changed the setting. I did a lots of things in vain. :/ 
Shinku Chitai/The Isolated Zone (Japanese Edition)

And they are free from 20 to 24 Nov.
Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition)


Moon&Blood Japanese edition 1-2 are free now

It seems I can't make kindle books without any trouble, every time...awww. X(.
The result is this....Shinku Chitai/The Isolated Zone (Japanese Edition)

I was so surprised that I found 1DL of this title at Amazon.de
I think it could be someone I know... WHO?

And they are free for 5 days.

Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition)


Kindle Free Book Campaign

As I wrote here, Shinku Chitai :The Isolated Zone 1 Japanese Edition (KDP) has been releaced at last. -.-  For the celebration, (lol) I set another Free Book Campaign (20-24 Nov.),

Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition, too)

Shinku Chitai:The Isolated Zone 1      I think you may know about this work, because I posted some entries here,  now and then. What I wrote mainly were about translation/lettering of English edition. Unfortunately, vol.2 English edition has no progress so far. I hope it will start again soon.

For a meantime, The Japanese Edition is going on - the vol.2 will be released on Dec.