Welcome :D

Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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kuro chan

It's snow today! Freezing cold, my desk top is cold (It doesn't boot up). I'm sitting in front of a heater with my cats and working on my note PC. It has intel core i5, it's supposed to be not bad but  goes very slow sometimes...irritates me sometimes! Because it's old? X(


Cry Big Tears

Some cats in tears when they eat dry food. Mei chan has red eye mucus in addition to that, she looks a bit ... dirty. ^^;  I wipe her so often, and she hates it!


A cat's dining

It should have worked, if the kitties made it mess, it was only in the box. But they run around with dirty foot....

I'm still working on preparation of online class... -.-


Clean up is endless.

Start again...

Yesterday is supposed to be the update day, but I was so exhausted by my work (building Teamup page of Manga School Nakano and preparation for online class) and my cats + a concert.

I went to my friend's concert yesterday, a duo of Koto and Sho, Japanese traditional installments. He didn't play, he composed the music. It's temporally music, very difficult but cool! When we went to a pub ... it was fun, but I was tired!


A Sports Fest

Every day is like this.

At the moment, I'm working on the preparation of online manga class project. Someone introduced me to Teamup(SNS from Finland), and he helps me for building up the page and so on. If I got 4-10 regular students, the project can be sustainable.

As far as I know, this kind of challenge is the first try in Japan, I'm excited. Actually it's tough because you have no model because you are the first one, though. I do hope it goes well, my effort will pay off.


The first day Kuro and Mei came.

I found I drew 29 4koma comic strip already... some of them are about the story before Kuro and Mei came. I piked up KuroMei story first.

It was 20th November. They got used to so quickly, and now - they mess up all my rooms. Thank you!


New year, the 1st entry.

Happy new year 2015!

On the day last year, my 17 years old cat Moko died. Since then, I've lived without a cat - it was the first time since I lived with my first cat, more than 20 years ago.

I got 2 new cats in the end of November in 2014, stated to live with cats again. My FB friend knew already, Kuro and Mei. They are sisters, abour 5 months. I forgot how energetic young cats are, they are amazing! 
(The kitten is just doodle, she is Kochibi)

I stopped to update new 4koma for a while. I wanted to re-start it from today (Japanese new year holiday finished), but failed. It's not very good you failed something in the begging of the new year. (>_<)

Actually I have some 4koma, because I've drawn little by little. But I haven't finish the coloring and translating for this, English blog. 

Anyway, I'd like to entry 3 times /week, Mon./Wed./Fry., for instance. ...Well, I hope. 

How did I spend during new year...

I made Kuro and Mei channel on Youtube, for cat's videos. :D
Nao Yazawa channel is for How to draw manga.