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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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New year, the 1st entry.

Happy new year 2015!

On the day last year, my 17 years old cat Moko died. Since then, I've lived without a cat - it was the first time since I lived with my first cat, more than 20 years ago.

I got 2 new cats in the end of November in 2014, stated to live with cats again. My FB friend knew already, Kuro and Mei. They are sisters, abour 5 months. I forgot how energetic young cats are, they are amazing! 
(The kitten is just doodle, she is Kochibi)

I stopped to update new 4koma for a while. I wanted to re-start it from today (Japanese new year holiday finished), but failed. It's not very good you failed something in the begging of the new year. (>_<)

Actually I have some 4koma, because I've drawn little by little. But I haven't finish the coloring and translating for this, English blog. 

Anyway, I'd like to entry 3 times /week, Mon./Wed./Fry., for instance. ...Well, I hope. 

How did I spend during new year...

I made Kuro and Mei channel on Youtube, for cat's videos. :D
Nao Yazawa channel is for How to draw manga. 

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