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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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Visited to Osaka

Why  it's "with silence" -  it comes later.
He's stayed the same place for 10 days when he was young - 6years old. At that time, he didn't mind so much the inconvenience. Seemed like that, at least.  (Although I went to the vet to see him every day) 
But this time - he was upset. Very.



I'm afraid I tell you a sad story before Christmas...
It was a story in Nov. I draw new 4koma (12 stories) from Oct. till recently. Means the subjects are also things during the period. S-L-O-W. As the result, 
Chibi lives with me in some 4koma(s) yet... T.T



It's from the stock...just because the vol.2 comes out, so I pick this up.
If you see the reason, let me know. ^^

I was waiting for the release of vol.2, but seems there is no web-shop which has this, except for Akadot.
I hope you remember this when you get the book...T.T



I can heard "so what?" from somewhere...^^;
The letters in the first panel are "How could I know that?"  
something like that, I believe. I've noticed that just now.

Anyway, it was confusing work, and shortly later, I was middle in the historical drawings (*o*). Then again, How-Does-It-Like-On-The-Earth? & work hard! XD

Now, I've just finished making a Facebook page of the manga school I'll work for. What a hard worker I am!*lol*  Why me? Yes, it's supposed IT people's work, not mangaka's. But it is not official one, - how can I put it? - it is something like "trial". And nobody in the school handle English. (If you don't believe or not, it's true I'm good at English for Japanese) The page hasn't been published yet, I need to permit of the school. Hope my effort isn't going to be vain...-.- 
Hello again, eye strain we are pretty close! X(


Cat's athletic festival

This "movement" had been kept around 1 year. It was just the time Kochibi came. Precisely, I came across that downstairs' guy hold a kitty and said he couldn't keep it. I had no choice except to say "I keep her, then"  Kochibi was cute and funny cat, and it gave me a good excuse this rumbling, so it was not bad at all, though! :)


Drawing manga with PC

Aww, the line space is not right...never mind, you can read it.

The image of the panel 2 (Scanned the hand drawing and finished with Manga Studio)
The image of the panel 3 (Inked & finished with Manga Studio/Wacom Cintiq 17SX)
Extra (same as the above) http://ow.ly/i/kTRv/original

What I mean "in this time"(The first panel) is, bio-manga of Mother Teresa I worked very hard whole Sept. (see the old posts) 
And I'm working on bio-manga of Jeanne d'Arc right now! "This time" it is not my work, I work as an assistant...=.= And in THIS TIME, I draw almost all the work with PC.  Eye strain... =.=


Manga Studio vs Comic Studio

One of the images I wrote out jpeg from manga-studio files yesterday. I overwrote the entire folder I put in jpeg images for this 4koma, I guess...but why?(I don't remember the name of the folder, so I'm not sure...) If you tried overwrote something, alert message should have been shown, shouldn't it?

At the moment, I'm working almost all the drawings with Manga Studio, against my principal (Scanning all the line works). It makes the assistant works via the web easier - a little bit. I don't know which is better/faster, though.


Having assistants

At the moment, I am working for Kinoshita as an assistant (Jeanne d'Arc). But because I'm so slow, I've never made he feel like this... I wish I could. XD 


Never Ending Hell

Anyway, it was settled and the manga (Mother Teresa) has been published.
Now, I brought back my old cintiq (17SX) to my apartment so that I can do some light work here, with new note PC and 17SX. I thought it's the time drawing some 4 koma, and the blog-title image today. You see how it goes. Do you like it? 
The image took time more than I thought (...and boring a bit. ><;; Couldn't concentrate) and I draw no 4koma manga today. mmm...I never play solitaire..ever. I musn't. It's sooo pointless... 

Cover of the book, bio-manga of Mother Teresa


The Fear of Digital(work)

If you working with real tools, this kind of things are never happen... instead of this, you can spread the ink on the paper, get creases on the paper, run out your screen-tone, lost pens and tools, dig many papers to find something, so on...(I lost tablet-pen too sometimes, though!)


A digital Assistant

It was during the work of "Mother Teresa"/manga biography for children.
I found the title on "coming books line-up".
But no image, yet. The book will be out tomorrow, according to the schedule...
WILL BE OUT?? Let's see...


Whip my back

Now come to think about it, it's not "work", but "cleaning"...(The first panel) ^^;


Moon and Blood 2

I've arrived to my friend's place, Osaka today The place I stayed as a refugee this March - yesterday(very late, sorry my dear Yuma ^^;;) , precisely.
So I'm doing this at her house.

Got up in the early morning , dropped my cat at the Vet (pet hotel), had a nice chat with 2 guys at Kyoto, and came to Osaka in late night, then found my iPhone didn't work properly. What a day!!



Long time no see! 
Last time I added 4 koma was 19th Aug.. But it was not new one, I picked it up from my Japanese-stock. But this time, this one is a bland new, I've just finished yesterday. Many things to explain, the letters too many...sorry ^^; 

I've done 12, not everything is like this. XD

BTH - mistakes, as usual.
Cintix/Cintic meant Cintiq, of course. Wacom's tablet. I saw their new product, Cintiq 24HD on the site.
24??? Bigger than my second monitor! So...what's next ??!

I'm using my new note PC, it's smaller than my old one. The keyboards' order and pitch is quite different and it makes me lots of mistakes!!! X( 


New Faces

I've just finished to check vol.2 pdf file. All the process will be done soon (just a tiny modification) and will come out ... when? Amazon says Nov. 1st
Oh, it has some mistakes again, (my mistakes, such as toneworks...) but not unusual that is! ^///^;;

* tiget -> tight. Don't mind, I'm a Japanese. This is not unusual thing, too. ;D


Can't take it?

Here are the cover images. 
Vol 1 ->
2 and 3 ↓
Who is the heroine?
(I thought someone might point it out, but no... ^///^)


American Prefer Blondes?

I myself prefer black hair, so almost all my heroes' hair is black. xD HEROES.
BTW, the person I showed Mizuki's color drawings wasn't from DMP. He is independent and introduced me to DMP. 


A Day Dreamer

The model. Sayaka and Takeshi.
It was 1 years since I drew this 4-koma.
It was the beginning of Moon and Blood. The contract says 4 vol/1 year. 
The result is -  3 vol/1 year... oops.



Frill and Ribbons

 I've not added new for a long time, but  got a new blog follower for some reason.@.@ OK, so I added a new one then.

Not a new precisely, but def new one in English. Cat-4koma was run out and I chose some about manga, Moon and Blood.



Long time no post... I forgot what I've posted and what I've not yet...-.-; 
This is new, ...maybe.


Wagamama -selfish-

This is the end of the similar stories. And I don't need to do this anymore. She has not stay there. Changes her mind.


Back to my apartment

"Apartmen" I meant Apartment, of course. ^^;
Old story as usual. This M&B pencil drawing means vol.1's pencil drawing.
Now, I'm working on pencil drawing of vol.2 and Kochibi gets ill again. X(


Being a RIGHT house-mate of a cat.

She had got better, but now ill again... >< Gets better, goes back, better, back...endless. 
Kidney can't recover to normal, and she is old. 
Still, you can't say "OK, this is the end", can you?


Two houses

Old story, too. Now? Kochibi stays my parents house, and comes my place now and then, whenever she likes (Or whenever my parents want her go somewhere) . And other 2 cats stay my apartment all the time. Well, if you understood what cats was thinking, you wrote books about it and became a millionaire, anyway...


Spoiled 2

Old story, but this cat has been like this yet. Never back...maybe.



This is old manga, old story. ^^;; Out of date...
She is better now, and eats some diet food and others. Behaves selfishly.


Having 3 OLD cats

It was last year, May. She is almost OK now...but it was a long way ^^;;