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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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Typesetting of Moon&Blood German edition.

I thought it was easy work when I asked to my publisher DMP that if I could make and sell Moon and Blood print book (in German) at AniNite, a convention in Vienna.

Because German Edition had been released already. Yes, it was eBook format, but yet, if I got all the data from DMP, all I had to do was compiling them for print book edition. There would be not so much work, I thought.
The very expensive Kindle German edition @Amazon.de. 7.45EUR.
For some reason, it's very expensive at Amazon. It's 2.95$ at eManga.con (Online reading, and you got another format for your e-book reader by+1$) I don't know why...and the quality of Kindle manga in West is poor. At least, the quality of my titles are poor.  :( Amazon.JP is ok, so I don't know why Amazon.com doesn't offer the same quality kindle manga with Japan. )

The data can't be used for print because of the low resolution. I knew that. But they might have text layer - unrasterized. If they had, the low resolution doesn't disturb to make a data for print. That what I thought.

But I was wrong. The data I got was ping image, no text layers. Come to think about it, it's obvious because they order to productions the e-books, all the they dose are editing work.

So what I have to do ... copy&paste then break, copy&paste then BR, ... ... ...
(They gave me the translation script documents) 
I worked in the order (not particulate reason) vol.2, 3, 4, 1.

Yesterday, I got the proofreading documents from the translator. (She kindly gave it a QC). For some reason, vol.1 has many errors - it's the clear number one.

?? Because I was tired after 3 volumes' typing? Because the checker was fresh when she checked vol.1(it must be the first one). Because I got used to the work and started to do what I want at my choice (too much) ??

Anyway, there are some mistakes, especially the mistakes I did frequently were ...

BR at the wrong point.

I've done the same mistakes at my 4koma, like this....

It should be;

But I did like this;

I didn't type, just copy and paste, but I missed sometimes a space between words, because it's very narrow in the font I use. The alphabet tends to wide, it's not good for Japanese manga style balloons, so I prefer vertically long font like this. I knew it, and still, make the same error... ><; The one big reason is I don't speak German, yes. 

If it was ordinary sentence, I mean it has lowercase characters, my mistakes will be less. But in that case, the line s@ace looks bad - because of the height difference of English letters, like "f" "g". The line will be jaggy. Not suitable characters for manga Alphabet is, anyway. 

I didn't like the roundly font which is used manga commonly, but I've started to thinking it has the reason. At least, you can't miss a space when you use the font. I DL this font Anime Ace.
I also didn't like the dialogue without lowercase characters, but it might be the better way , it's jaggy free at least. I might never realized it if I didn't type by myself. There are things you never know without practices

I wish this font was thinner bit more, though. This one is too fatty. :(

I'm so grateful for E-chan's work, she took time out for the proofreading!


A Watcher

Mike comes for food daily as usual, but I've not seen Chibi-ta for a while.... :(




BTW, it was - it still is - very HOT day! X( Mi-ke came as usual, but I didn't see Chibi-ta today.


 Free Kindle Manga Campaign

Here it comes again, free manga campaigns again.

This time, I released Shinku Chitai (The Isolated Zone Japanese Edition) vol.6, so set some free campaign of the series as usual.

With that, I added English title in the lists of free books, Go Go Nao-p English , my 4koma manga collections  (Comic strip) It's free on Amazon right now.

I don't remember - I've set this title on the campaign twice, three times - ? Not once, I believe.
The English is incorrect sometimes, you'll find some typos and spelling errors, because I wrote the English by myself unlike NOZOMI (the title has a translator) - you might even enjoy these errors - as a kind of - a touch? Still, you can guess and understand what I mean, some people say so, at least. :) I hope you enjoy it, and give it a good review! ;D

I've started to edit vol.2 of this series, but left it for a long time ... give me the energy to start it again! Knowing someone who is waiting for is pretty encouraging.
(The Japanese edition will be free soon, but not this time)

So, Japanese books.
The Isolated Zone vol.1 and vol.5 will be free from tomorrow, 12th JULY. 

The new title is -


Moon&Blood Limited German Edition

The editing work has almost done.

I brought Moon&Blood books 1-4 (in English) to Animuc, a convention in Munich in this April and sold them. They were sold out soon - only 15 copies each, though. It's different from the last time, I sold some at MTAC (Nashville, USA /in  last year.) Definitely I'm well know in German speaking world than English speaking world, it seems. (I should learn German ... Mmmmm it's difficult...)

I wanted to do the same thing at AniNite (29-31 Aug, in Vienna), and asked my publisher DMP to send some copies. The answer was - there was no copies anymore at the office. Still some copies are left on distributions, but that's all.

It is unlikely they'll print the second edition, so I asked if I could edit them myself and print the book in person, something like Dojinshi. Of course I'll sell it on AniNite, it'll be based on German edition from Digital Manga Guild. 

If they don't have printed books, I can make them, can't I?

They said yes, and asked the folloings.

1) The result report.

2) Be released on the DMG label.

3) 10 copies for DMP

4) The printing right belongs to DMP

5) It will be under 100 copies.

They agreed it as a kind of promotion/a gauge, for other their titles. OK, I shall go!
The cover.

So I can print them, but at where? I have a print shop I usually use in Japan, The cost is reasonable(if you use the early discount) and the quality is good. But the shipping cost to Austria is - 25,000JPY. (15,000 by ship, but it's too slow.) I can't bring these book by myself, it's beyond the limit.

I decided to use a local print-shop, my friends (AniNite staff) take charge of dealing with the print-shop. I know well about Japanese cojinshi print-shops, and they know very well about printing manga books. How about print-shops in Vienna? I don't know, just give it over my dear friends! :D Good luck!

It has No. because it is limited edition, like Shinku Chitai from EMA

Because it's labeled on DMG, I thought I use the material DMG made as much as I can. Such as typesetting, graphic subtitles so on. The drawing itself can't be good enough for actual print, but the letters could be - but actually, I was wrong, the dpi was too low.

It was not-paid work, so I didn't intended to spend so much time for the work. "Do the same the DMG letter did, just copy, without thinking, designing" But when I started, did copy&past the dialogue from the script, and chose the font for subtitle -  I couldn't stop modifying - changing some part, - rather many part. 

A kind of "the lettering the artist hope"? Not completely, tough.
I don't familiar with the alphabet, so I'm not sure the points of letters would look right when they were printed. 
This AR CHRISTY is handy. I used it a lot. An example I rasterized
letter-layer and change the shape. i hadn't meant to go so far the first... 

This part "AAAH!" is the same as the original. Drawn by hand. In West, 
I've not seen like this hand-designed letter in any translated editions. 

This project is purely personal one, I get no profit from it. But I want kill all the cost, included the shipping cost 10 copies to DMP. You now, I have the reason that I need to sell the book lots. Help me at the venue! :)

BTW, it was confusing when you past the dialogue what you don't understand... weird! *laough*
Because I know what it originally meant, and German is similar with English sometimes, and I know some German words, so I vaguely understood it - it's even more weird. XD


When I got back home...

I've know him for a while, but seen him often around my house recently. Along with increase of Mi-ke's leftover. ^^; 

Today, I also came back home night because of manga class, there were only Mi-ke, she was waiting for me. I opened a cat-food can for Mi-ke, and she didn't eat whole food ... Seems she was not very hungry. -.-


Boiled Scallop 1

It's a story of the beginning of this year. I bought some scallop for Moko, but he didn't have time to eat them... Mi-Ke enjoyed the delicious food, yet, still, won't come in my room! X(