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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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AniNite (2)

On the third day, we have interview by Sascha Sierk, Acme.Nipp-on-Air 

It was the third time, AniNite 2012, Animuch 2014, and AniNite 2014. 

The program is in German of course, but I spoke in English and other guests spoke in Japanese (With German translation) 

After the con was over, we took some group photos.

After party at a Heuriger. :p

Although it has no musicians ( Schrammelmusik), it was real Heuriger and we had a lot of fun with younger wine(Sturm)!
The Hueriger we went to the last time, AniNite 2012, had musicians. 
From Manga Report of AniNite (extra manga of Moon&Blood1 KDP edition

The next day - the day I was going to fly to Japan. I and E-chan (AniNite) went to airport earlier, to ask about my lost luggage. Then I was told  "You said you were in Japan on Monday, we sent your luggage back to Narita" WHAT?

I was sure I said "I'm leaving on Monday". Yet, if the luggage came to me on Sunday, I had to bring the heavy luggage which I didn't use at all with me on my back flight. If it sent back directly my home, it was much better than that. 

(My friend gave me a bottle of nice wine at the last night and I had to give it up. Because I have no cabin case, it was BIG shame, though) 

The back flight (Austria airline) was nice, I was lucky. 
2 ladies in my next seat moved to other row, so I occupied 3 seats. 

The monitor was nice, not the latest but new one.

The head set plug is "one " type so I can listen The Hitchhikers Guide with my iPhone during the flight. (my headset was in the lost luggage) The triangular airline food of Austrian Airline was as well, ...why triangle?
Austrian Airline doesn't offer Oshibori (wet towel) , Lufthansa does. 

By the way...
 真空地帯vol.1 & vol.2+ vol.6  These titles is free now.  Kindle direct publishing. 
(The link goes to Amazon.com)



Free Manga

All the "free manga" I'm talking about are Japanese edition, so just for your information...

The Isolated Zone vol.7 Japanese edition has been released via KDP. So I put some other titles on Free Campaign. The Isolated Zone vol.1 vol.2 and vol.6.

In English version is available till vol.2, at eManga.com. Because it's(Japanese edition) is free, why don't you get both version and compare them? (the quality, such as resolutions, Japanese version is better I think) 
The latest volume is "7"

And Moon and Blood 1 &2 are free as well. (The link goes to Amazon.com)
真空地帯vol.1 & vol.2+ vol.6



AniNite2014 (1)

This is AniNite manga report of 2012, it's included in Moon&Blood vol.1(Japanese edition) as an extra. It's free for 5 days at Amazon, both vol.1 and vol.2.

http://amzn.com/B00CVCET9S (vol.1)
http://amzn.com/B00CWL7TNQ (vol.2)
(These links are Amazon.com)

So, AniNite 2014!
This convention is very special for me because I prepared Moon and Blood Limited German edition to sell there. It was the first try for me. (for everyone, maybe. Printing books for an event in overseas)

I'd asked a table to sell the books, but they forgot! AniNite was chaos as usual! But it's flexible at the same time, so I got a table on Saturday. Fine!

The first meet with Moon&Blood limited German edition. It's satisfying quality, except for you can see the backside print of the paper.

I asked a table and a crew who took care of me. S-kun, he was a newbie but he could get staff in charge via his mobile, so it's OK. :)  I didn't need to think anything about my schedule because he took me the exact place.

Manga workshop. Because I had a lost luggage at Vienna Airport (from Charles de Gaulle airport !), so I had nothing except for some original drawings... ><;; All my drawing tool and printed material were in the lost luggage. (My BERLIN T-shirt is my friend Sajora from Berlin gave me because I tweeted about my trouble)

How to draw hands is always issues.

Talked about storyboard (panel-work) . There was one participant who was eager to know.  This is most important part of drawing manga, and very difficult. (hope my talk wasn't boring... )

A guy came from ChibiNeko asked me if I was interested to demonstration with Cintiq (22HD?).  I drew Wedding Pewach.... he said 30 min, but it took about 1 hour I finished somehow.
It was different from mine (both the soft and hard)... whey you are in hurry,  it's annoyed a bit! ^^;;
...and the English UI ...X(

Photos by Sajora
An autograph session was set from the evening on the day, but I usually stayed my table and signed for who bought my book, so anytime signing, actually...

One for demonstration, one for display (and one for killing time XD) I draw & paint something like these. Happen to I took my coloring set in my cabin luggage. (I bought some line arts and paper in a paper store) 

You can give it to people who help you, friends. Nice demonstrations and nice gift, one stone and 2 birds thing, you know! :) In this time, some drawings went to charity.


Clever kids.

The other clever kid I met in Toronto.
He was Japanese, came with his dad. Actually, I guess his father took him because he (his dad) was excited when he talked with me. The kid was calm during all that time. XD


An 8 years old student.

According to my post on FB, it was a story at 14 or 15 in July. They came from USA, with their mun and granddad.

The sheets he has in the last panel are Screen-Tone. Transparent film which pattern/dot is printed on the surface, and you can use it like sticker.

His granddad bought some manga tool for him, ink, pen-holder, pen-nibs, manga paper, and some screentones, so that he could draw more in home. He kept his concentration during 2 hour class. He amazed me! I hope he keeps drawing. :)



That was shortly before my trip, in middle of August. The wound has gone crab now, yet I'm tempted to pick it....


Little by little...

A sequel to Discover Chibi-ta, and...

I still have some cat-visitors, but not Chibi-ta anymore. I hope she found a good feeding site or someone adopted her.  I wish I had her, she was bi-neko, a beautiful-cat.


Discover Chibi-ta!

It has been 1 month past since I posted the last 4 koma. >< Actually, I've already finished some before my trip (16 Aug - 2 Sep., Toulouse, Paris and Vienna)  except for lettering.

Because I brought my note PC with me, I thought I could do some work at my hotel room, and if I were lucky, I could post a couple of 4 koma during the trip. In reality, I wasn't lucky at all - I should have known, it's no wonder... there were lot of things to do.

This story is around July, long before my trip. It's happened shortly after A progress?


Print shops in Europe

I've just come back from AniNite (A convention in Vienna). I had a lot of fan during the event.

I've been invited from some conventions, US and Europe, but this time there was something special for me. 

I printed a special manga for AniNite, Moon and Blood Limited German edition. 

I sold some copies of the manga (English books) at Animuc(A convention in Munich)  in this April, and they were sold well. I asked my publisher more copies to do same thing at AniNite. But they couldn't because all the copies were in distributions, they had no copies at their office anymore.

OK, then why don't we print German Edition? My publisher agreed with it (private 100 copies). Then, where do I print them? I thought I print them here in Japan then brought or send them to Vienna. If you sent them the cost would be very high - when I talked about it with ppl from AniNite, they suggested to print in Germany or Austria.

In Japan, I know some good print-shop, and how do I make the files for print. But I had no idea in overseas - in Europe situation. They helped me, and found a print shop which could handle Japanese style print (the book spine is on the right side, opposite from Western style). The shop is in Vienna, and their friend are working as an internship. She instructed me very kindly, so I could make the file somehow. 

The system in West is different from in Japan, you need to compile the image files in one PDF. Here in Japan, many print shops accept tif, psd, jpeg files, all you have to do is trimming the file size and numbered them. This is much easier, and the quality is nice, even it was small copies (like this time, 100 copies)

I've heard that it is very difficult to get good print shop in West, but my friend (crews of AniNite) said that you could get it if you search on internet well. They searched lots, I guess.

The Vienna print-shop did very good job too, it's very neat.
Just one thing, the paper - in the old days,we only have similar type paper for Dojinshi print. It's think so the backside print can be seen. It disturbs the drawing. I remember how we were excited the print shops started to offer manga-paper for Dojinshi option. 

Unfortunately, the print-shop doesn't have the paper like "manga-paper" 
Still, the quality is quite well, that's because my friends AniNite crews checked it very carefully. Thanks a lot!
The price was 15 Euro, it's not cheap. But all the profits went to the charity AniNite held. It's not bad, right?

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