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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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Gureko has come

Gure-ko, he isn't timid like Mi-ke, rather bold, but not friendly.... ^^;;

A Kindle Free Book Campaign, English manga
NOZOMI,Shojo manga (English). From 29th Nov., for 5 days.
Get it on Amazon. :)

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


Free manga -NOZOMI-

The campaign has started!
A Kindle Free Book Campaign, English manga
NOZOMI,Shojo manga (English). From 29th Nov., for 5 days.
Get it on Amazon. :)


A new project of Coffee Party Book 2

Coffee Party is a group by Nao Yazawa and Saeko Doile, and manga-comic In Search of Lost Coffee is our series.

The second book was released on 20th Oct, Kaigai Manga Fest 2013(International comic fest). The project of the e-book version has started, and to make it more "International", I'd like to ask your contribution like the last time, In Search of Lost Coffee vol.1.(We get many illustrations of main characters, on the first volume of this series)

The format of this time is...
4koma/8koma or 1page comic strip(with some panels or no panel, both are OK) using the characters, Croissant, Eclair, and Dango kun. You can use them all, 2 of them, or just only one. It's your choice.

The reading direction is from left to right, in Western style.

2 page each. The first page should have your name on it, and other information which you'd like to add - such as your contact, introduction, comment, for instance.(in English)


The file size = 2050 X 1450 pixel

Color(RGB)/Black and white(grey) Either one will be fine

The deadline will be 15 Jan. 2014 (I'm sorry for the short notice!)
Send the images to yazawanet@yahoo.co.jp the subject should be coffee-party.

Join us, anyone can partake. If you have no idea about Coffee Party, you can read In Search of Lost Coffee 1 on the web, it's free. They are available via eManga(DMP) and Amimaru's FB/iPad app. And check Coffee Party FB page, you can get some images of the characters, especially about Dango, our new hero.

I hope many contributors join our new book! If you have any question, send message or post to Cofee Party FB page. Thank you!


4koma (The reading direction is wrong, because this 4koma wasn't drew for this project) 

1 page (no frame) It's a rough sketch, not finished work,


Nyan-nyan Milk

Moko doesn't like milk, doesn't like butter, so it is predictable, but he like to lick coffee whiteners, so I gave it a try....


Everyday drawing

You can get many ideas but drawing them is a different matter...

A New Kindle Free Book Campaign, an English edition in this time
NOZOMI, English Shojo manga. From 29th Nov., for 5 days.


Became extravagant

Because I posted her photo on FB yesterday, I chose this. :)

And they are free at the moment, Kindle manga books. till 24 Nov, hurry, if you are interesting Japanese manga. 
Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition)


Kindle Free Campaign is still on going

Eventually, it turns out because I made the setting in wrong way - (The limit of the file size is low in default configuration). It was OK after I changed the setting. I did a lots of things in vain. :/ 
Shinku Chitai/The Isolated Zone (Japanese Edition)

And they are free from 20 to 24 Nov.
Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition)


Moon&Blood Japanese edition 1-2 are free now

It seems I can't make kindle books without any trouble, every time...awww. X(.
The result is this....Shinku Chitai/The Isolated Zone (Japanese Edition)

I was so surprised that I found 1DL of this title at Amazon.de
I think it could be someone I know... WHO?

And they are free for 5 days.

Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition)


Kindle Free Book Campaign

As I wrote here, Shinku Chitai :The Isolated Zone 1 Japanese Edition (KDP) has been releaced at last. -.-  For the celebration, (lol) I set another Free Book Campaign (20-24 Nov.),

Moon and Blood vol.1 and vol.2 (Japanese edition, too)

Shinku Chitai:The Isolated Zone 1      I think you may know about this work, because I posted some entries here,  now and then. What I wrote mainly were about translation/lettering of English edition. Unfortunately, vol.2 English edition has no progress so far. I hope it will start again soon.

For a meantime, The Japanese Edition is going on - the vol.2 will be released on Dec.


To eat or not to eat

A correction STAIR -> STARE Thanks Friederike !

my new KDP book is in review now. Shinku Chitai The Isolated Zone 1(Japanese Edition). I found the last (I hope it was the last) error and fix it. -.-; Vol. 2 will be released on Dec, so Japanese Kindle Edition is earlier than English one. I'd like to wait for the release of English version was first, but I have to quite it. I can't see when it would be.

English edition vol.1


Hotate-kan (Canned scallop adductor (?))

He eats all the food, eats just some of the food, doesn't eat the food at all ... it depends on the mood he is in at the time.


A Place to Eat

I'm reviewing the English translation Itadaki! Panther (My next DMG title) .

The series was made for little girls (around -10 yo), so the dialogues are easy. Still, there are some misunderstandings. it seems you can't avoid it.

This time, I added some drawings and notes for the blank pages between the chapters and blank part of the manga (they were for ads' space) Many of these notes were from the Doujinshi version, it means they are for Japanese fans, especially the people who buy my Dojinshi. We share many information which foreign fans don't know. It seems very difficult to understand the notes without the context.

I didn't think about it when I copied the notes on this edition. Seems the review is not easy work unlike I thought first....


A Poo Trouble

He vomited today,(He's not done for a while)  But he has an appetite and a movement, so he is OK I think...

A problem of Cintiq 24HD

With this, I'm making kindle file of Shinku Chitai: The Isolated Zone Japanese edition.

The Amazon's App., Kindle Comic Creator also makes me panic a bit.

Uploaded the file I made to Amazon, then it rejected because the file was too heavy. It should be under 50MB. :/

I reduced the pixels from 1280 to 800 and succeeded.

But I found a gap in a center of a drawing on 2pages - because I didn't change the pixel setting of KCC.

I fixed the flaw, tried again. After uploaded the file, I found the book missed 10 pages for some reason. Seems something happened when I copied it's Manga Studio file for the kindle edition.

I added the 10 pages then made the file then the size was over the limit because of the adding.

Thank you so much!

Anyway, the book has been uploaded now, it's OK I think (hope). Shinku Chitai ; The Isolated Zone KDP edition (Japanese) will be released within this month.

Vol.2 will be also out in December, ahead of English edition. Although the English version is ongoing, the progress is very slow. I don't think we can make it within this year...sigh.


Went to a vet in vain.

It was about one week ago...

The conclusion is bladder inflammation and he is taking meds (antibiotic) now...

Photo of manga class

I received photos of the class on 1st Nov. from school today, so I posted them(2photos) on FBpage. Let me show you one of them. You get some idea how my class is like, using my original drawing as references.
I have had some classes recently, and they were short, and for beginners. They can't give me exact request because beginners have not particular idea about manga. I show them my drawings and explain what they can do, within the time they have. 

More is better, I mean the example drawings. So I printed out some data I drew for "how to draw manga" books (by Chris Hart) They are nearly 70 pages, I didn't know I drew such many drawings for his books. I intended to file all of the printout and bring it to my class - but the files must be very heavy. Hm....
I didn't got all the books I contributed, but from the books he sent to me - they show you the tips of drawing manga/anime style characters. In that context, these books might work. But it doesn't show how to draw "manga". I've never seen the book which explains "how to draw manga" in English. That's one of the reason I'm interested in teaching manga. If nobody does, I will. 


The winner of my drawing present

The winner of the present is Elizabeth! Congratulations.  (read my post for the detail, Coffee Party New Book)

Thanks for applying for this competition and ordering CoffeeParty's book. ^^

Here is one more extra-4koma of In Search of Lost Coffee. ;D

The free campaign of GO GO NAO-P Kindle book has been over. There were 14DL, it was quite low compare with Japanese one, (it was 233, in Japanese edition vol.1) It shows how manga is common in our daily life, I guess. 


Like a Jelly

Unlike him, I had a fruitless and busy day. Made mobi file again and again! X(

First, I designed the cover. I hated the process. I like to drawing manga, but I'm not a person who love to make books. When I needed to, like making Dojinshi, I have my great friend who designs the cover for me, my dear Mana! Because I have her, I've not learnt anything of the work.

I'd done somehow, then prepare tif files. It was supposed to be easy, making mobi file by KCC App.

I had to did it three times -

1 The file was too heavy to upload on Amazon. Do it again.
2 I reduced pixels of the images and it worked. I uploaded the file then write some details.. until I found something.
3 Because I reduced pixels of the images in a wrong way, there was a gap between the spread pages. Then there was a white line in the drawing on 2 pages. I did the work from the first step.

Now, I'm waiting the upload has been completed. I do hope it's OK now...

The covers. The Isolated Zone Japanese edition.


Manga Class on 1st Nov.

Let me write about the manga class yesterday.

I had a phone from Manga School Nakano on 31st Oct, one day before the class. He said if I could come to the school and have a class on 1st Nov. Just happened to I could and I went, fortunately.

She came to the school and asked if she could have a class tomorrow because she saw the school's FB page which I made. (^_^) It was same with the others, but she was the first one who visited the school directly!

The student was a young women from Australia, during her sightseeing.

Although she was interested in manga, she  didn't draw manga/ manga-like-drawing. She wanted to try drawing manga-like character.

I suggested to her drawing chibi. Drawing chibi is easier, compare with serious manga character. (It's difficult as well serious drawing f you did it in serious, but it's a good one for beginner)

They are her work during the class. I k
now from my experience, it is very difficult drawing manga-style characters (especially chibi. It is a kind of contradiction, but if you drew manga style character well, drawing chibi is different matter. I've sometimes found some - sort of awkwardness - from chibi drawings by people from West. It's funny thing, but east Asian people have a big advantage of it)

 She didn't used to draw manga-like character, so it wasn't easy. Yet, she work hard and done very good job!!

My drawing for explanation & examples.

*Notice* Kindle manga book in a free promotion
Go Go Nao-P!
It's my 4koma (comic strip) which are collected from this blog with some columns. You can read all of them here, but having them as a book is not bad idea I think! It's free, anyway. ;)


Kindle Free campaign/English manga

The free campaign of Moon & Blood 4., Go Go Nao-P! Vol.1 and vol.2 was closed. They were Japanese books, but next free promotion is an English book, Go Go Nao-P! English edition.

It's from tomorrow, Nov.2 for 5 days. The books has 4koma (comic strip) which are collected from this blog with some columns. You can read all of them here, but having them as a book is not bad idea I think! It's free, anyway. ;)

Go Go Nao-P!