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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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Moko on 28th Dec.

I wonder if I gave scallop early, like on 26th, he might have eaten it...? Or if I gave him it in the row.

The Isolated Zone vol.2 (Japanese edition) is free now on Amazon!


Free Manga Campaign (KDP)

The Isolated Zone vol.3 Japanese edition (KDP) has just been released yesterday on 25 Jan and the free Campaign of vol.2 has also started. The Isolated Zone vol.2 (Japanese edition) is free from 26th to 30th Jan. Check the amazon store in your place! Yes, It is in Japanese, but free, anyway... You can get the English edition later. Unfortunately, vol.2 English edition (DMG) production has stopped at the moment... I hope it'll start again soon.

I found one copy of vol.3 on Amazon.com  was downloaded yesterday. It seems there is someone who BOUGHT all the copies in USA. Wow! 

English edition from DMP on Amazon
English edition from DMP on emanga.com

Moko on 24th Dec.

The Isolated Zone vol.3 Japanese edition (KDP) has just been released today. So, the time of free promotion (vol.2)  has come. The Isolated Zone vol.2 (Japanese edition) will be free from Sunday for 5 days. Check the amazon store in your place!


Moko around the middle of December

I've just finished some rough sketches of Moko's 4koma which I've done shortly before his death, I'll post them one by one...


I'm going on TV?

Not exactly, it's an internet media, Tokyo Nakano TV.

I had 2 classes today, one was for Japanese students about storyboard, and the other was with my American student.

Before this (latter) class, I was interviewed for Tokyo Nakano TV, the show "Nakano Jin"中野人. A sort of publicity activities I think.. They focused on English manga class.

They asked me to answer Japanese&English. (Saying something in Japanese, then repeat the same answer in English) because they wanted to address to not only Japanese audience, but also non-Japanese speakers.

It was tough work, repeating the same thing in English without any note. I have no preparation beforehand, except a brief meeting - you can't read a note when you are on TV, anyway. (You are supposed to see the red light on the camera)

My answer was incoherent sometimes. confused, but nobody realized - because nobody speak English except me and my student. (My student doesn't speak Japanese well, so she didn't understand what I was talking in Japanese)  I wonder how you edit the video when you don't understand what it means... it's a funny story.

The school said the video on the youtube after the on air, I'll post the link when it comes. I don't watch it, though! *lol*

They also took a video of the class. I want to watch the part. XD
She is drawing ベタフラ(beta-fula/Beta flush). It was her first time - quite nice, good job!



The Memory of Moko 2

I have some finished 4koma and some storyboards about Moko... and some ideas I'd like to draw. He was such a lovely cat... (=^・^=)


The memory of Moko 1

Actually, this 4koma comes from the stock. A story of a short while ago.

I've lived with a cat (cats) since I moved in this apartment, it was 20 years long. It's felt weird there is no cat when you come back home...live alone is not fun.


I lost my original drawings!

...seems so. It's the clear-file in the photograph below.

I had a class on 28th Dec,, and brought back it - but I'm not sure if I had the bag when I arrived at home. I bought some sashimi for Moko at a local shop, and ...didn't I have the bag at that time?...not sure ><;;

I've just realized it yesterday, when I prepared the class of today. I phoned railroad/bus company and the shop, but they said no. 

I went to police box at Nakano Station today. The police officer who interviewed with me was very kind and he assured that lost items were reported on most occasion here. But if it was found, it should have been reported already, it was more than 1 week ago. :/

Anyway, the police officer was very interested what I lost, manga drawings, and we had some chat about it. I was amused with it, an otaku police officer in Nakano ?

The file has many my drawings, included Wedding Peach and some useful stuff for teaching manga. I wish it came back to me...please!!

Bad things enough! Something good should happen to me soon! ...Oh well. 


Bye bye Moko

Moko died early on January 5th. Thanks for wards of condolences on FB and Twitter. 

He got a problem with his hind legs on Dec. 31. He tried to walk but his hind legs hardly worked. Still, he ate some food by himself and walked with a stagger to a cat litter and did pee. (outside of the litter)

I talked with his vet on the phone, and decided to stay home, didn't go to the vet. It would not be good for him, just adding more stress, I thought.

I didn't post anything about it, because it didn't suit subject in new year. That's the reason I wrote nothing the post of 3rd January. I didn't know anything to write.

His condition become very ill rapidly, he hardly walked by 3rd. But he wanted to go to toilet, so I hold him in the cat litter. It seemed to work the first time, but just once. Then, he had a major convulsive seizure early on Jan. 4th.

Fortunately -- or unfortunately, he survived from the seizure, but he has no strength anymore, just breathing. I stayed with him, changed his pose and gave him some water regularly. Then, he was gone on the next day.

I'm going to Toronto for 3 weeks from 12th Feb. and I was worried about Moko during my absence, because he'd become weak recently. I'm scared if he died alone. No more worry. In a way, it might be lucky he died when I could stay with him. I was by his bedside when he did his the last breath.

I lived with him more than 17 years, he lived a long life as a cat. I don't say I was not crying, but I can accept his death in calm somehow, that could be the reason. It's not entirely (such as I could give him XX ) , but basically, I'm satisfied with his life.

There is one major regret - I could have started to draw his (my cats) 4 koma earlier. I had 17 years! What a loss - he had a lot of funny episodes. It's not only to show someone, but for myself. You can't remember everything.

Because of my 4koma manga about him, not only "my cat" but also as a cat has certain lovable character, many people shared my loss of him. It makes me happy.

Thank you very much.


He has also started to...

Moko is in a critical status now. It's started on 31 Dec. - he had a problem with his hind legs. He had a major convulsive seizure yesterday midnight. The seizure has gone but his all for limbs are paralyzed now. He just lays on his side. :/

He started this sometimes ago, but it might be a kind of sigh of this... I don't think there was something I could do if I had got it as a sigh, though.


He has started to eeat in a strange manner

A Manga ka is useless!

It's a story for a while ago. My dad moved to a nursing home shortly before Christmas. Then...yes, he is well and grampy as usual. It isn't easy to get used to a new place for an old man, but he seems to do well so far. 


Happy 2014!

Happy new year from Japan! 
I wish to  draw some extra stories of The Isolated Zone(Shinku Chitai) and Moon&Blood, and live with Mi-ke in 2014! :)