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Let me show you some of my 4koma (about my life with cats).
Nao-p is my nick name my friend Mami Tachibana gave me. And I call her Mami-p. Of course it comes from Wedding Peach "Momo-p". No one calls me by the name except for her, but I love the 4 koma cartoon "Go Go Momo-pi (Gan-bare Momo-p)"(In the paperbacks) so I use it. :)
Oh, I'm a manga artist Nao Yazawa, and author of Wedding Peach, by the way. :)

These "comic strips" come from my 4-koma blog (in Japanese). You can see all of them in original here. If you have a request which 4koma will be next, tell me. :D
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Moon and Blood German edition

I've done the quality check of Moon and Blood vol.2 German edition. DMP said vol.1 will be released soon!

Because I don't understand German, there is not so much things I can, but I appreciate that they sand to me the PDF file. (Unfortunately, you can't check right and left of the page with the pdf file. I mean, in right to left reading style, even-numbered page should be placed in right, but they do it wrong sometimes. )

So I can't read it, but I can understand this one.

The hero Kai says "え E (uh) " again and again, then he thinks "俺 「え」しか言ってねー All I said was 'uh' though". It's a kind of a punch line to this sequence.

German edition use "ÄH" instead of E, the same as Japanese. In English edition, the translator use "Wh..." and "What" for the first and second "E" because of the meaning. 

Maybe it's right in English-wise, makes sense. Still...2 times "Uh"  is not enough for the dialogue "All I said was 'uh' ". 

I saw the effort of translator, and it pleased me. 

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